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By listening to and communicating with the client's identified stakeholders, Bryarly Consulting delivers a well-written and well-defined building program. With our customized program, we then champion the development of comprehensive contracts with the architect and contractor, and oversee projected budgets, bid plans, specifications, and maintenance and operating manuals. Our process entails multiple reviews and financial tracking with a variety of project-specific electronic programs. This approach ensures a quality project with minimal problems delivered at the best price.

Bryarly Lehmann earned her B.A. from Syracuse University. Ms. Lehmann's construction field knowledge originated in her family's construction business and was expanded by courses in Dynamics, Bending Moments, Economics for Engineers, and Structural Design.

Ms. Lehmann is committed to her community. She is on the Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club and the Past President of the Springfield, MA and the Ithaca, NY Kiwanis Clubs.  Email Bryarly

Donna Augustus, Business and Operations Manager

Western Massachusetts Regional Library System

“Bryarly advised us while educating us to a project process she developed. Without her guidance we would not have had a project."

Peter James, Executive Vice President

Rediker Software, Inc.

"Bryarly Consulting gave us an immediate response whenever we call. The project audit uncovered items we would not have known existed, saving our company thousands of dollars. The outstanding assistance we have received was beyond our expectations."


Bryarly Consulting, Owner's Project Manager

“Pearl of the Construction Industry”

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Bryarly Lehmann, Owner’s Project Manager Services


She has experience in a variety of project types, providing management expertise from the program design phase through the scheduling of warranty repairs during the year after substantial completion.

Ms. Lehmann's many projects include underground utility construction, tunnel expansion, bridges, roads, classrooms, academic lecture halls, athletic facilities, laboratories, and high-tech clean room design, construction, and certification.

Ms. Lehmann's projects can be found throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Brazil and have ranged in value from 82 thousand to 90 million.

The primary function of Bryarly Consulting is to protect the owner and deliver a quality, cost effective project on time and within budget. Our collaborative consulting helps clients to understand the options available to them throughout the contract negotiations, the design and construction process.

Bryarly Lehmann has developed a proven project process by which her firm obtains the greatest value for every dollar spent by clients. Ms. Lehmann developed and refined this process starting in 1970, while employed by Corning Glass, Peter Kiewit & Sons, Cornell University, and Clestra Cleanroom.